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Product Overview

Polyerga® Plus is made from peptides. Peptides are chemical messengers that activate, regulate and stabilize the immune system. Polyerga® Plus serves to support the appropriate immune response. It is not an uncontrolled booster that merely creates an artificial immune response.

Proven German Technology......Now Available In America

Polyerga® Plus was developed from a German immune support peptide technology used successfully and safely around the world for more than 40-years. The key ingredients in Polyerga® Plus are peptide extracts from porcine spleen. In the 1990s, HorFerVit Pharma GmbH, a manufacturer based in Oldenburg, Germany, developed this peptide into a nutritional supplement.

In the 1950s, researcher, medical teacher, and biochemist Professor Walter Kuhlmey, M.D., Ph.D.-- with the assistance of his two sons,  Dr. Kristian Kuhlmey, M.D. and Dr. Juergen Kuhlmey,  B.Ecc, M.Sc., Ph.D., Dr. Kuhlmey-- developed the porcine spleen peptide technology used in Polyerga® Plus..

Polyerga® Plus is now highly recommended in two new books in America by leading alternative medicine practitioners and authors. It is described as "cutting-edge" for America, despite its long and successful track record around the world.

Peptides ……Peptides ….. Peptides!

The key ingredients of Polyerga® Plus are a select variety of purified and concentrated porcine spleen peptides that are derived through a patented process based upon molecular weight.

Every organ and system in the body has peptides that control critical cell functions. Peptides regulate everything from your immune system to your emotions. Specifically, spleen peptides are the universal chemical messengers that activate, regulate and stabilize the cells of your immune system to protect you. They provide essential means for cells to communicate with each other. Without proper communication and coordination among all cells, molecules and organs of the immune system can not function properly. Peptides in the immune system are commonly referred to as cytokines, and can be further subdivided into more specific groupings based on functions.

A large number of laboratory tests confirm that the peptides in Polyerga® Plus support the natural immune system function. This can be very beneficial for those with "challenged" immune systems including the aging "baby boomers", the elderly, or individuals experiencing physical or emotional stress, as well as healthy or active individuals who are seeking "immune system insurance". It is a well know medical fact that the immune system simply does not function as efficiently as we age or when the body is stressed. Polyerga® Plus can be used as a short term or long term dietary supplement depending on the specific circumstances.

Not a Booster…..and for Good Reason!

Polyerga® Plus supports the immune system and should not be confused with commonly-called "boosters". "Boosters" artificially stimulate the immune system activity in an uncontrolled fashion because they are viewed by the body as "invaders" and trigger an immune response. On the contrary, the peptides in Polyerga® Plus are a natural element of the immune system that provides additional support to the cells of the immune system, helping cells perform at the appropriate controlled level of activity when called upon. Polyerga® Plus peptides support the immune system to more effectively respond to real "invaders" rather than creating artificial stimulation. This is a very important distinction that makes Polyerga® Plus unique.

Polyerga® Plus includes polypeptide tablets and oligopeptide capsules. A tablet is taken before meals three times daily and a capsule is taken every other day before a meal.


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